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18 April 2016


You will join our Web Development team and contribute in creating awesome websites.

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Human Resources Division

Description of position

  • Translate wire frames and mock-ups into code.
  • Build HTML templates strategically, accounting for cross browser compatibility and responsive layouts.
  • Cooperate seamlessly and comfortably with Developers, Designers and Project Managers, possessing  a  varying range of technical aptitudes.


Design skills:

  • Fair knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Ability to analyze given pixel-perfect mock-ups.
  • Translate them to real HTML templates.

HTML related skills:

  • Strong knowledge in HTML5
  • Semantics
  • Micro-formats

CSS related skills:

  •  Strong knowledge in CSS3.
  •  Strong knowledge in SASS/SCSS, Compass and other SASS libraries.
  •  CSS Media queries and responsive design concepts.
  •  Debugging on all modern Web browsers & fair support on legacy versions.


  • Strong Knowledge in Zurb Foundation 5+ and Zurb Foundation for Apps.
  • Knowledge of Bootstrap 3 will be appreciated.

Layout debugging and other skills:

  •  Proficiency in at least one browser developer tools suite (e.g Chrome, Firefox) and ability to find and fix layout   problems in existing projects.
  •  Experience with mobile debugging (e.g via Remote Debugging on Android with Chrome) will be appreciated.
  •  Basic JavaScript knowledge will be appreciated.
  •  Subversion and/or git knowledge will be appreciated.


  •  Competitive salary.
  •  Continuous education and knowledge exchange.
  •  Friendly and stimulating environment.
  •  Career path.

It is possible to be asked to travel in EU countries in order to support the work that s/he has undertaken.

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