Online Exam Registration/Management Application

Online Exam Registration/Management Application screenshot

In 2005, EWORX was awarded the contract to develop the Test Registration Application for the Hellenic American Union. The purpose of this database application is to allow tutorial schools and HAU administrators to computerize the process of registering students who wish to participate in exams (e.g. TOEIC, MICHIGAN). Within the application school administrators are able to register their students in groups and send a request to HAU, which upon payment, accept the group and specify examination center for each student. When the exam papers have been processed, the application enables HAU to add the exam results to the individuals of the group and the school administrators are then able to give them back to their students. This whole process is accomplished through web-based interfaces.

EWORX services included:

  • Requirements Definition;
  • Analysis and System Design including Database Design;
  • Development of the TEREGA Application;
  • Integration with VISA Payment System;
  • GUI Interface Design; and
  • Installation and Post System Support.

Technical Highlights

Development Technologies: JAVA (JavaBeans, JSP, JDBC), DHTML.

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