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  • Do you find yourself bogged down by ever-increasing targets, standards and objectives and by ever more complex budgets and resources?
  • Do you have more projects than you can handle?
  • Do you struggle to deal with a multitude of organisational concerns while keeping focused on the bigger picture?

Executives need executive tools to help cut the fluff from project management and deliver top-quality results, on time, every time.

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How EWORX PROJX can help you

ProJX is an Enterprise Project Portfolio Management turnkey solution designed to handle multiple concurrent projects with shared human resources. It's highly flexible and we'll customise it to match exactly what you and your organisation need. ProJX will help you manage your information more effectively, share it with others and increase your productivity while keeping you focused on your strategic goals.

PROJX Benefits

  • Provides a unified working environment where all organisation members have instant access to critical project information.
  • Strengthens collaboration and knowledge sharing across the organisation.
  • Helps manage an unlimited number of projects with large amounts of supporting information and shared resources.
  • Can be securely accessed both from within an intranet environment and via the Internet.
  • Supports flexible workflow and role management as well as complex review and approval policies.
  • Can be customized to model an organisation’s existing
    Project Management or ISO processes and achieve paperless documentation.

PROJX Features

  • Project Type to facilitate PMI’s OPM3® improvement projects.
  • User-defined project types and templates that define stages, workflow and the starting structure of a new project.
  • Flexible, comprehensive hierarchy of sub-projects, tasks, supporting information and reviews.
  • System and user-defined reviews and approvals.
  • Web-based user interface with easy access to core system functionality from within one main screen.
  • Advanced project and cross-project report generation.
  • Multiple application and user-defined project roles.
  • Project baselining and full action logging.
  • Rich set of supporting modules, including client profiles, staff profiles, timesheets, file repository, events calendar, intranet/extranet, Wiki.
  • Data porting and easy interfacing with other popular software.

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