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ProMenPol - Promoting and Protecting Mental Health

The ProMenPol Project is a 36-month project being undertaken by partners from Germany, Austria, Ireland, Finland, Estonia, Greece and Belgium. The project is a Co-ordination Action funded by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme.

The project consists of three phases, each of which has its own dissemination mechanism and objectives.

  • Phase 1 will conceptualise and characterise the field, build an effective dissemination platform and identify the key policy drivers and imperatives for Mental Health at EU and Member State level.
  • Phase 2 will focus upon the preparation of Toolkits, bringing together current good practice, customised to three life stages and three contexts, i.e. school, the workplace and residences for older people and produce a proposal for a ‘cross-sectoral’ mental health policy platform.
  • Phase 3 will promote the implementation of pilot projects to review the practicality and usefulness of the toolkits and, based on the feedback from the pilot sites, review and revise the instruments and promote a consensus policy platform on mental health within the EU.

Within the context of this project EWORX is responsible for the:

  • Coordination of the all dissemination activity associated with ProMenPol.
  • Development of a pan-European web based service.
  • Analysis, design and implementation of a multi-lingual database and toolkit for Mental Health Promotion Tools. Five European Languages are currently supported - EN, DE, FI, & ET & NL.
  • Development of an On-line community among the project stakeholders where the dissemination of good practices, awareness-raising and dialogue takes place.
  • Production of a project newsletter that is circulated on a quarterly basis.
  • Design and Printing of an array of publication material.

The ProMenPol website was developed and is maintained using TOOLIP™, EWORX's Content Management Solution.

Eu Flag and the Logo of the Sixth Framework ProgrammeThis project is supported through the Research for Policy Support heading of the European Union's  6th Framework Programme

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