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Eworx creates digital products that transform brands, help businesses grow and make people's lives better

Know Decide Disrupt

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    You need knowledge before you decide on your digital transition.

    Knowledge is about understanding your competition, your customers' and users' behaviour, evolving technology trends, your own capabilities and capacity as well as the right methods and tools.

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    Decisions are about strategy, change management and planning.

    In a fast-moving digital realm you need to act quickly on insights and adapt to the challenges facing your business. Gaining a deep understanding of where you want to go and how to get there is essential, as is focusing on future value, defining measurable user-driven goals, exploiting multiple channels and employing the right tools.

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    At Eworx our mission is to disrupt your complacent self before your competitors disrupt your business!

    Evolution was acceptable when things were analogue and disconnected. But the move to all things digital and the internet have changed the rules. If organisations and individuals - all of us - fail to redefine ourselves (using structures that are agile, flexible, and collaborative), we're facing extinction like modern dinosaurs in a digital ice age.


Eworx combines several disciplines to create innovative digital solutions

  • User Experience
    • Usability & Accessibility Testing
    • Interaction & Navigation Design
    • Design Patterns
    • Mobile-first & Responsive Design
  • Information Architecture
    • Knowledge Organisation
    • Taxonomies & Tagging
    • User Navigation & Funnels
  • Software Development
    • Agile Methods
    • Java | Toolip CMS | Spring
    • PHP | Drupal CMS | Joomla
    • R and Python
    • C# | MOSS
    • Native/Hybrid Mobile Apps
  • Brand Identity Development
    • Communication Strategy
    • Logo Design
    • Audience Segmentation | Personas
  • Consulting
    • Business Process Modelling
    • Communication & Social Media Strategy
    • Customer Insight Analysis
    • Blockchain and Distributed Apps
    • Analytics
  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
    • Data Visualization
    • Big Data Analysis
    • Personalization and Recommendation
    • Machine Learning
  • Digital Video & Animation
    • Scenario & Storyboarding
    • Scripting & Voiceover
    • Animation & Post-production
  • DevOps
    • Application Hosting and Monitoring
    • Cloud Service Management
    • Dockerization
    • Risk and Attacks Mitigation
  • Content Curation
    • Copywriting
    • Translation
    • Media Adaptation

Our clients

We're proud of our clients and committed to supporting them in their digital communication endeavours.