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Our service offerings


Concept and Design

Brand Identity Development

Outstanding design is a key success driver and a catalyst for audience recognition. From concept to production, branding and logo design to a unique visual style and key messaging for a compelling story, we help brands redefine themselves and convey their key values and messages effectively. Most importantly, we help brands to relate emotionally with their audiences, thus building their trust in them.

  • Communication Strategy
  • Brand Identity Development & Applications
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Brand Style Guides


User Experience Design

UX is about enhancing user satisfaction from interacting with a digital system. It encompasses methods and techniques to better understand and describe user needs, what users actually do (and what they say they do) when interacting with digital artefacts. UX Design is also about building the systems that will offer awesome user experiences. Our UX consultants will study the problem at hand and propose which combination of UX Research and Design methods is best-suited to find design flaws in a system and/or to conceptualise and build a new one.

  • UX Research Methods
  • Usability & Accessibility Testing
  • Interaction & Navigation Design
  • Mobile-first & Responsive Design

Consulting Services


Eworx consulting spans across the full range of our service portfolio. Our 360-degree coverage includes assessing existing on-line products, conducting customer insight analysis and segmentation, eliciting requirements, analyzing business processes and, of course, developing the information architecture and the communication and social media strategy. Last but not least, Eworx specialized experts will advise you on how to exploit emerging technologies such as Machine Learning and Blockchain. 

  • Business Process Modelling & Requirements Elicitation
  • Customer Insight Analysis
  • Usability & Accessibility Testing
  • UX Strategy & UX Research
  • Personalization and Machine Learning
  • Blockchain Technologies and Distributed Apps.

Agile Software Development

Software Development Platforms

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    Toolip is our Java-based Content Management System. Optimised for high-traffic and demanding work-flows, it is ideal for the news industry. Toolip CMS supports multiple user roles, complex work-flows and rich customisable taxonomies and tagging.

  • 02


    Drupal is among the top-performing and growing open-source Content Management Systems at global scale. Our team of Drupal developers is among the largest, most skilled and experienced in the market and can offer robust, secure and scalable solutions powered by both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.

  • 03


    Sharepoint is a widely used Microsoft platform, best suited for intranets, with rich content and document management features. Our development team has an extensive track record of complex Sharepoint-based applications.

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    Liferay is a Java-based CMS with rich portal features and several added modules and plug-ins.

  • 05


    Projx, also code-named Matrix, is a Java-based Project Portfolio Management system developed by Eworx. It is geared to the needs of European institutions and agencies and facilitates a wide range of their daily operations, including support for missions and events management, as well as budget, tender and contract management. Highly customisable and meets organisational standards of the ISO and other bodies.



Information Architecture

IA is defined by the Information Architecture Institute ( as "the structural design of shared information environments" and "the art and science of organizing and labelling web sites, intranets, online communities and software to support usability and findability". Indeed, it is both art and science in that information needs to be presented in appealing, intuitive and functional ways. In our layout designs we monitor and adopt design patterns but we also measure and can accurately verify whether the chosen IA meets user needs and use cases. Our IA-related services cover both consulting and design and production work.

  • Knowledge Organisation
  • Taxonomies, Labelling & Tagging
  • User Navigation & Funnels
  • Usability Testing

Interactive Visualisation & Digital Video

Data Science & Visualisation

Visual representation of complex data transforms the complexity of numbers into attractive, comprehensible and truth-revealing forms. By adding interactivity, complex data exploration can become a fun and rich experience, addressed to all types of audiences. At EWORX we are leading with innovative, feature-rich visualisation applications. But we don’t stop there, we also apply Machine Learning algorithms to offer better and more personalised experiences for your audiences.

  • Data Analysis & Processing
  • Tailor-made Visualizations
  • Visual Storytelling & Interactive Inforgraphics
  • Machine Learning and Personalization/Recommendation.
  • Cross-platform and Browser Solutions
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Go Mobile


Mobile use is booming and users are gradually transferring most of their online interaction to devices they carry with them all the time. This paradigm shift requires the introduction of new business models that obliges corporations and institutions to adapt their offerings to suit brief and focused mobile usage patterns. Last, but not least, search engines such as Google will be SEO-punishing websites which are not mobile-friendly. Are you ready for this disruptive innovation?

  • Mobile-first & Responsive Design
  • Cross-platform App Development
  • Dedicated or Cloud-based Hosting
  • Location-aware Services