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Launching our new website or a trip that took too long

by Spyros Michailidis

27/02/2016 0 Posts

We kept our last website for far too long! We went back in time and found that the first Jira issue to initiate the re-design process was in June 2009! And here we are, excited with our new website some seven years later, in February 2016!

Back in 2009, we started properly, drafted the brief -roughly- knewing what we wanted to change so the design team, in the usual high spirits, set out to make proposals. Some very nice mockups came out of this but then the whole thing went quietly to sleep. Why? Well, there was too much work with projects we had to deliver and no available developer time for quite a while. Months passed and, eventually, the 'internal client' request was forgotten.

We didn't care much about our website? Of course we did. But clients always took priority -as they should- and the project was being postponed again and again.

In life, there is supposedly a right time for everything. Since our website's right time wasn't coming we just had to make time. So we've re-initiated the process in 22 October 2015 and the unofficial plan was to start 'stealing time', one day one week, another two a couple of weeks later and so on. This slow-burning process actually worked and 4 months later we have a new website.

It's still in Beta though and there's still a lot of content to add and edit, fixes and some new functionality. We hope you like it and would love to hear from you using our contact form, or on Twitter or Facebook.

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