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Domna Samiou

The Domna Samiou Greek Folk Music Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1981 and its aim is the preservation and dissemination of Greek traditional music. The project’s aim was to design, develop and deliver a portal that would have the dual role of serving as a hub for knowledge regarding the biographic details of Domna Samiou, and a repository of information, resources and media regarding her personal work and related information.

The portal needed to balance aesthetically design with easy access and navigational tools to visitors. Equally the back office needed to be powerful and intuitive to use, in order to allow administrator users of different levels of responsibility to manage the information stored and provided on the portals front end.

The portal provides users with biographic details and profiles of not only Ms Samiou but also others who have worked with her or with her work; lists related media articles, concerts, albums and songs all interlinked together for easier navigation and usage. Searching, filtering and ordering of lists further enhance the experience.

In addition to the traditional functionality – the following extensions were included:

Back Office Administration (LMS): The TOOLIP CMS environment was extended with the addition of a back end office (closely integrated with the front end). Users are provided with functionality which facilitated improved administration of complex pages (e.g. homepage), taxonomy and metadata administration, multimedia library and management.

Musical Database Administration: The LMS back office allows for full management of the database entities related with the songs, albums, concerts, partners, publications and media clippings and the relationships between them.

Advanced Text Searching (Apache Lucene): This powerful text search library of features is used to aid searching through the musical library for specific texts besides using the common searching interface (which utilizes keywords)

Basic Social Bookmarking toolbar: All pages of importance have been provided with a toolbar of useful icons that allow for printing, sending an email with the page’s content but also to submit and promote the page in Twitter, Facebook and Google.

Domna Samiou
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