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Palso Website

The new redesigned website for PALSO (Panhellenic Association of Language School Owners) was the closing project of 2010 for EWORX, launching on December 29.

The website, found at www.palso.gr, aims to be a source of useful information regarding the activities of PALSO. EWORX consulted PALSO on modern web best practices regarding the functionality of such a high profile portal. Following this process, a wide range of features was implemented in order to enhance interaction between PALSO and its members. Such features include:

  • newsletter subscription,
  • electronic polls,
  • latest news,
  • online version of the Association's newspaper,
  • SMS dispatch to subscribed members,
  • online subscription for the exams run by the Association and
  • online announcement of exam results

The graphic identity of the website was also an example of brilliant work performed by our company's web design department!

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