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AgeingatWork - HR Health Management for Older Workers

The Ageingatwork project aims at producing, testing and promoting training for HR professionals on age management with a particular focus on health (i.e. integrated workplace health management).

In the first phase of the project, a questionnaire survey of user needs will be undertaken in Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland and Poland. In addition, a literature review concerning - older workers and age management, workplace health management - will be carried out.

Based on the outcomes of the needs analysis and literature review, training will be developed in the second phase of the project. This training will address HR professionals from all businesses (all branches, public or private). The training will be both a face-to-face training course as well as an integrated e-learning support environment. The training concept will be tested in Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland through a pilot phase.

Within the context of this project EWORX is responsible for the:

  • Design and Development of the Ageingatwork Website which will incorporate general information on intergated workplace health management.
  • Analysis, Design and Development of an intergrated e-learning environment.
  • Design and Printing of Ageingatwork publication material.

TheAgeingatwork website was developed and is maintained using TOOLIP™, EWORX's Content Management Solution.

This project is co-financed by DG Education and Cultures, Lifelong Leaning Programme Leonardo Da Vinci.

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