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EWORX and the EMCDDA partnered in early 2019 aiming to create a fully responsive website for the Lisbon Addictions 2019 conference. A major project requirement was that the website was fully responsive and could be tailored as a mobile application.

The ultimate aim was to ensure the website catered to the key user needs both in web and mobile platforms, whilst also showcasing the impact and experience of Lisbon Addictions to a wider audience. Our first step was building a Drupal 7 website as the central point for conference information and proceeded with integrating a PWA module.

The PWA provided personalised functionalities by using local storage on browser/device, therefore making it GDPR compliant. Users were able to fill in their personal details and share their information via QR codes. Moreover, users could save their favourite presentations and get push notifications prior to the beginning of workshops, presentations and all other sessions.

We developed a rich, diverse and innovative programme by organising thematic tracks around selected topics. We built coherent packages of topical strands, sessions and guided poster tours and empowered conference participants to create their own conference journey by using the tracks and keywords in the PWA.