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HAU - Hellenic American Union

The purpose of the project was to re-design and implement the new Hellenic American Union online presence and visual identity. The specification for the site was that it should be bilingual (English and Greek) and should include an array of dynamic features.

The services and functionality EWORX implemented include the following:

  • Bilingual Web Site Design and Development with 1-1 mapping of Greek and English pages;
  • Different websites integrated in the same portal with different aesthetics, home pages, sidebars;
  • Presentation of Books, Events, Courses, News, Biographies, Resources, Newsletters with specific page types for each of these content categories;
  • E-commerce mechanism for online ordering of books/publications and booking of courses with appropriate payment module;
  • Advanced search for Books, Events, Courses;
  • Registration of members and members area;
  • Registration to multiple Newsletters simultaneously;
  • Associate content items with tags and user groups;
  • Search by tag, user group, item type and website;
  • Photo galleries, flash animations, Youtube embedded videos;

Technical Highlights

  • Development Technologies: Java, Hibernate, Apache Tomcat, CSS, jQuery
  • Content Management Solution: TOOLIP™

The website was developed and is maintained using TOOLIP™, EWORX's Content Management Solution.

Hellenic American Union
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