User Centered Web Design

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Web design requires the use of technical competence and graphic art skills to support and enhance the three main activities of visiting a website: reading text, viewing images and interacting with its interface. But this is only the 'tip of the iceberg'.

The starting point for our web strategy is to assist our clients in defining their communication needs and business requirements and then translate these into requirements for their digital presence. Together with our clients we explore the different purposes of their site and highlight the various requirements and options that are available. Our web design and implementation process takes our clients through a structured set of iterations in order to reduce the complexity of decision-making and ensure that the final result meets their digital expectations.

Our overall strategy is to enable organizations to deliver information to their target audience in a structured and accessible format. 'Front-end' web design of the highest calibre is of paramount importance. However, we also make a detailed assessment of 'back-office' organisation, offering proposals for developing the internal processes which will be responsible for managing, producing and receiving web content.

As a digital solutions provider, we seek to add value to our clients' activities by providing innovative and sophisticated web-based solutions. Our wealth of experience coupled with our proven Web Development Methodology guides clients in the selection of the appropriate strategy, design and technology for their web-based projects.