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Re-Integrate - An Integrated e-Learning Environment for Managing Return to Work

The Re-Integrate project sets out to transfer knowledge, skills and resources, which were developed in a wide range of European and national initiatives aimed at retaining and reintegrating vulnerable employees into work and promoting healthier working lives, to employer and worker representatives through a blended approach involving face to face training for the target groups, the training of trainers and the use of an integrated e-learning environment.

Within the context of this project EWORX is responsible for the:

  • Design and Development of the Re-Inetgrate Website which will incorporate general information on return to work
  • Analysis, Design and Development of an e-learning environment at the centre of which will be a self-assessment tool that provides the user with an indication of his/her learning needs and the level of preparedness of the organisations to respond to ill or injured workers. Based on the profile of the user, he/she will be provided with recommendations about other aspects of the website environment including relevant aspects of the e-learning course, important links to useful organisations, general information and where appropriate to a bank of useful resources.
  • Design and Printing of an Re-Integrate publication material.

The Reintegrate website was developed and is maintained using TOOLIP™, EWORX's Content Management Solution.

Leornado LogoThis project is co-financed by DG Education and Cultures, Lifelong Leaning Programme Leonardo Da Vinci.

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