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Optimising Strategies for Integrating People with Disabilities into Work

The Opti-Work (Optimising Strategies for Integrating People with Disabilities into Work) project set out to develop and disseminate a conceptual framework consisting of a number of analytic tools, and cross-national comparative reports, to assist in:

  • Formulating EU policy;
  • Calculating the socio-economic impact of those policies; and
  • Making recommendations for innovative strategies to enhance the labour market integration of citizens with disabilities.

The analytic tools will be applied to existing strategies and methods aimed at integrating people with disabilities into the labour market to identify good practice and system inefficiencies, as a means of informing future system planning and implementation.

Opti-Work was a 36-month project being undertaken by partners from the Netherlands, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Finland, Greece and Belgium. Partners from these countries are being supported in their activities by National Contact Centres in fifteen European countries, which fall under the auspices of the the European Platform for Rehabilitation.

LogoOpti-Work was a Co-ordination Action funded by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme, Area 8.1.B.2.4 - Quality of Life Issues Relating to Handicapped/Disabled People (including equal access facilities).

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