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The scope of this project was the design and implementation of an integrated e-government solution which aimed to create a secure centralized management system to be used by Community Health Service Centers that deal with the various needs of the Roma population within Greece. This application improves the services provided by these health centers by reducing the unnecessary paper trails and processes used thus far. It also enhances the ability to analyze the information gathered and provide up to date customized reports and statistics on the Roma population.

The system includes:

  • Centralized secure management and retrieval of population information (Personal & Community)
  • Personal Details;
  • Medical Case Records (Pathological, Psychological, Gynecological etc);
  • Vaccination Records;
  • Family Details;
  • Settlement and Migration Details;
  • Education Details;
  • Housing Details;
  • Creation, tracking of various requests and applications for specific members of the Roman population (e.g. Passport applications, financial assistance, welfare);
  • Centralized management of information pertaining to specific ROMA settlements;
  • Reports;
  • Advanced and simple search capabilities on settlement and population details;
  • Capability to support an unlimited number of Community Health Service Centers;
  • Threaded Forum Module for system users;
  • News Module for system users; and
  • Multi-user support & management with various roles and access levels.
Hellenic Ministry of Employment & Social Protection